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  1. Christopher Gaumond (verified owner)

    Replaced every thermostat and my toliet still doesn’t work. And it also stinks because you guys don’t even stock the parts for my toliet

    Thermostat, STS Safety (L140)Thermostat, STS Safety (L140)

  2. Patti H. (verified owner)

    Shipping charges are outrageous but what are you going to do? I wanted to purchase media also, but could not get thru. Was glad I was able to get on line.

    Bowl Liners 1000 - UNFOLDEDBowl Liners 1000 – UNFOLDED

  3. Alan

    Hi I’ve had one for 13 years Hate it stinks bad outside stink horrible I mean nasty bad



    Have not purchased one yet but I soooooo want one for my RV as we will be starting out full time adventure in nov 2019. I have been reading reviews and it seems as though it takes a LOT of power to operated and do not wish to run a generator for an hour and a haft for each flush. I was looking into solar but that seems way to complicated. Are there any alternative power friendly versions? I do understand that it is an incinerator and will require power but was hoping for something more efficient for an rv…..any ideas???? PS. i needed to leave a rating in order to submit this e-mail….my rating in no way reflects on the product as I do not currently own one!!!


  5. Sandy

    Does this unit come with the exhaust pipe to vent outside ?
    I am doing research before deciding to buy.
    Can not rate yet….have not bought the product


  6. Mike

    Love what I see in your product so far. I’m trying to decide which one to buy for our camp. So the CF is 120 volts 2000 watts for 4 people and the TR is 240 volts 3600 watts for 6. Is the TR using twice the energy or since its burning hotter the run time is reduced below the 1 hour run time and 30 minute cool down? IS the CF more efficient than the TR? I see that you can interrupt the burn cycle and use the toilet. Is the toilet seat hot while your using it in that situation? Thanks


  7. Johnny Rebel

    I am in research mode. I read and like all the reviews. The one question I have that was not clearly answered is…..If it is in incinerator mode (60 minute cycle), can it be used by another person? If so, would you have to wait to flush the waist into the incinerator basket or could you interupt the cycle and run it again?

    My rating is only because it made me put one in. I have not used one….yet…but am researching one for a cabin in Washington State.



  8. Mary

    I was wondering about Anthony’s question above regarding whether it can be vented downward, underneath the RV. I am also wondering about being required to give a rating to submit this question? I have not purchased one yet, but hope to!


  9. Eric

    I would like to consider purchasing an incinerator toilet. The issue I have is install in basement where venting to exterior will have to be through a pipe up an interior wall and out. My concern is the exterior wall where pipe would be vented is just above ground level. Would the smell when the incineration takes place be an issue?


  10. Nathaniel Koelb

    I’m looking into getting one for spring time on my property. How bad is the smell outside when burning it?


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