Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to talk with you about your installation needs! If you have any questions, please email: or call (214) 358-4238

Q.  Do I need to use a bowl liner for urine?
A. Yes. You must use a bowl liner every time you use the toilet.

Q. Can I use the toilet while it is running?
A. Yes. Same procedure every time: use a liner, push the foot pedal, push the start button to reset timer.

Q. What’s the difference with the white toilet?
A. The white toilet is the same stainless steel with a powder coated finish, like other household appliances.

Q. When will I receive my INCINOLET once I’ve ordered?
A. Please plan on about 8 to 10 weeks from the time we receive your order till the INCINOLET is delivered to your door. We generally keep a small standing inventory of toilets, but it may take a few days to accommodate your needs.

Q. Who installs my INCINOLET?
A. Any qualified electrician can install your new INCINOLET, even if they’ve never heard of an electric toilet before! It requires a 20 amp dedicated circuit and a vent to the outside – just like installing a clothes dryer. Many of our customers install it themselves.

Q. Are bowl liners and parts readily available? How about service, repairs?
A. We stock a full inventory of bowl liners and replacement parts. Call 1-800-527-5551 to place your order, or order online at We ship by UPS and US Mail. We’re also available for troubleshooting and technical help by phone, should you need it. Repairs, if needed, could be done by any competent electrician.

Q. Can I install the vent pipe up or down, rather than straight out the wall?
A. Yes! The only restriction to venting an INCINOLET is this: If the total run of vent line is more than 10 feet, or uses more that 2 elbows, you should change to larger pipe . Be sure to use a dryer flap at the end of the vent line or a rain cap if the vent goes up. Since the heat coming out of the INCINOLET is only 40 degrees above room temperature, vent pipe can be PVC. No special heat protection is needed.

Q. Do I need to attach the INCINOLET to the floor?
A. No, not for normal installations. Model WB, which is for mobile and marine use, comes with a mounting plate which should be bolted to the floor.

Q. How do I clean and maintain my INCINOLET?
A. Since waste never touches the bowl of the INCINOLET, cleaning is very easy. Simply wipe surfaces with a damp cloth and clean the seat and lid as you would any toilet. From time to time, you may want to clean burn residue on inside surfaces and on the blower wheel. Unplug the INCINOLET and use a spray or foam cleaner such as 409.

Q. I’ve never seen an INCINOLET, so how can I be sure I’ll like it?
A. Our return policy is generous. If, for any reason, you do not like the INCINOLET when you receive it, just return it to us, unused and in the original carton, and we will immediately refund your product purchase price. You pay only the freight. Please call us first to let us know it’s coming.

Q.  What about approvals?
A.  Contact your local or state health department if you need a permit.  If you already have a toilet in the property that meets codes, and you are just adding an INCINOLET, then it is just considered another electric appliance, like a clothes dryer or oven, and would not need approval.

Q. Will INCINOLET work on solar power? 
A. Incinolet does not recommend using our toilets with solar.

Q.  Can I put an Incinolet in “Tiny Homes”?
A. No. Incinolet does not recommend using our toilets in “Tiny Homes”. For more information, please contact Incinolet.