Easy Installation

Installation is as easy as 1-2-3:

INCINOLET system  is quick and easy to install.

  1. Set the unit on the floor
  2. Connect the vent pipe
  3. Plug into electric power ( Must be installed on a 20 amp dedicated circuit )


NOTES: Mount bowl liner dispenser on wall near unit

 step 1 diagram  step 2 diagram step 3 diagram

Venting materials can be placed within a wall and INCINOLET can be placed against a wall at the back. Allow 6″ to 8″ on the right side to operate the foot pedal.

iline-side iline-back

Center of Ventline from floor

Model CF                  10”

Model TR                   10”

Model WB                 10 ¼ “

Download Incinolet Manual PDF

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