1. Nancy (verified owner)

    As always, service is fast. I like the new larger size and quantity liners in the same size box. It’s nice to not have to store the extra boxes in our limited space- to say nothing of saving on shipping cost. Great product.

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  2. H.azean

    I have a blower motor that works but not burning, which part would i replace to get it going.i have a red lite by the timer.


  3. Jeannie

    Also Interested. would like to buy one and replace the RV toilet. first is it about the same size as the RV toilet? The RV will not be going any ware soon, as my house burned down so I will be using it for some time ans possibly using your toilet in a cabin if I ever get one made. I also have a question on continuous use. I have my mom here and sometimes she has to go 8 or 9 times back to back in an hour, will this unit still work? Or if we have a party? Please let us know, thank you for your time.


  4. Josh

    Am thinking about purchasing an incinolet for an outhouse. Just to verify, for anyone who uses the toilet just for a number 1, the incineration process still has to happen no different than a number two?


  5. Heidi

    Hi, I am considering the Incinolet for a tiny house. I didn’t see this question answered anywhere…For asthetics, can you put a wood box around the toilet or would that present a problem, fire hazard or otherwise? Does the metal on the outside get hot hot? Thank you!! Heidi


  6. cesta (verified owner)

    Great tech support this part fixed the problem and I received it in a couple days

    Thermostat, ITS Blower (F130)Thermostat, ITS Blower (F130)

  7. Scott K. (verified owner)

    Part was fine. Install challenging on 12 year old unit. Thermocouple refused to budge due to rust. Did everything possible to loosen it without breaking it. Finally decided to work around it which made placing the coil tricky. Coil finally went in okay, but plate covering terminals refused to fit back in place. Finally had to enlarge one of the holes to get it ithe nuts on the two bolts. Turned out okay. Removed and cleaned the blower while I was in there and its running smooth with complete burn. Afraid the unit is coming due for replacement.


  8. misusc (verified owner)

    came delivered and packaged in excellent condition. no problems there what so ever. just got it installed this past weekend. it does work the problem is the doors do not close all the way, seems to be getting hung up on something. so the actual seat gets very warm to the touch. my grandson used it then my daughter put in a new liner and when she went to sit down she popped right back up and yelled that my toilet burned her bottom. have called the company and waiting for a return call. will update this when the problem is taken care of


  9. Ernie (verified owner)

    This toilet is still working fine ! It was installed in 1992 and has required little maintenance .
    Orders are filled quickly.
    I highly recommend this toilet !

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  10. Mike

    Love what I see in your product so far. I’m trying to decide which one to buy for our camp. So the CF is 120 volts 2000 watts for 4 people and the TR is 240 volts 3600 watts for 6. Is the TR using twice the energy or since its burning hotter the run time is reduced below the 1 hour run time and 30 minute cool down? IS the CF more efficient than the TR? I see that you can interrupt the burn cycle and use the toilet. Is the toilet seat hot while your using it in that situation? Thanks


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