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  1. Terry Olmem

    had it a month and it works great. Nice to have when it as 20 degrees outside and snowing. Easy to install and it is quite. It does burn it to nothing and it is easy to clean. One thing they should look at is as long as it has electric is to heat the seat.


  2. Richard Fleiss (verified owner)

    Easy to install. Replacing the blower wheel every once in a while eliminates vibration and makes incinolet run quietly.

    Blower WheelBlower Wheel

  3. Bindy

    Would this work in a short bus conversion with a generator? I am trying to find a better solution to dark water waste. Thank you. I really love the idea. BTW, is the 20 amp like a 110 outlet? I’m new to all this and am learning a lot before each step. I really want a toilet that does not need a lot of messy work by me. It would be only for me so is the base model the one I could choose being that it will be in a moving bus? Thank you.


  4. AM (verified owner)

    Don’t go without! Company wonderful to work with.

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  5. Rose Phelps (verified owner)

    We highly recommend this product! The Incinolet is a remarkable appliance. We’ve been using it for almost a year, in a temporary housing location, that would have required an expensive, engineered, septic system. This was the perfect, affordable solution, for our semi-nomadic lifestyle. It was an easy install, fairly quiet in use, and nearly maintenance free. We appreciate the attractive, eco-friendly, brilliant design, and there’s virtually no offensive odors, like our former composting toilet. The newest liner shape is easier to fit into the chamber, thank you. At a time, when water-use has become an issue, the solution is the waterless Incinolet. Every household should have one, it makes more sense, than the other options. Lastly, your customer-care staff, and services are fast, courteous, and efficient. We are very satisfied customers!

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  6. Annie (verified owner)

    The liners work fine., but I wish the shipping costs weren’t so high. Maybe you could offer a less expensive choice in the future for those that don’t need Them that fast.

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  7. Marie

    Great product! Is easy to use. Installed in our rural Alaska property where we don’t have running water. Would recommended to anyone.

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  8. Paul Holley (verified owner)

    Good product,prompt delivery. We have used the incinolet for a cabin guest bathroom for many years and has worked well.

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  9. KC

    Trying to find a toilet solution for a rustic fire pit area on our property. We sometimes host parties there. Is there a limit to how many people can use this toilet when we are hosting a party? Thanks!


  10. John

    Product was what had ordered works great delivered when stated good job guys

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