1. Chuck

    We purchased the TR model in 2013 and installed it in our cabin on July 4th – we are now Independent from the use of the Privy! A great product and the installation was very easy! Now we can use the facilities indoors during the winter instead of the cold privy!


  2. tom

    I bought this used a couple of years ago. it works great, put it in a cabin that has no plumbing. highly recommended. you can even take it camping as long as you have a generator


  3. armand (verified owner)

    well packaged no damage from shipper ups. high quality welds correct finish grade on stainless steel surface;very satisfied with purchase will use #10 3 wire orange grade from home depot since pulling 3600 watts. #12 is not recommended by an election . which is yellow wire for 1800 watts or less.grounding is most important also. and a 20 amp breaker.
    the soft foam fit packing works great absorbing delivery shock and bounces.well thought of then most companies would do for product shipment. will hook toilet up end of april .cant wait.
    a very great company for service and no short cut to quality product , armand


  4. Anthony R Romani

    I like it, I have always wanted to get one for years and years.
    I was wondering three things.
    First, can I use this WB toilet for my 1974 Winnebago Indian motor home?
    Second, can I vent it down, or will there be a problem with road dust, air intake, or anything else if used when moving?
    Lastly, do I need to change the size of my house batteries?
    You know, will I have enough juice, or do I need to beef up the batteries like they do for a solar system?
    I do have a 4000 watt generator onboard, but I’m not sure what I might need to do to power this beauty.
    OH Yeah, one other thing, is stainless steel standard for the outside? I noticed that you offer a white exterior, is it possible to get it’s skin to match the seat at the same $100.00 ?
    Anthony R.


  5. Janice

    Have ordered this product for 10 years so it must be good and Incinolet always prompt with delivery

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  6. Richard

    We are looking at using your product as the standard offering for our Tiny Houses on Wheels business. So much easier that dealing with black water holding tanks etc. We are stepping up our solar energy storage via new lithium battery technology so short high current electricity bursts shouldn’t be an issue. Will keep you posted.


  7. Lyni

    Will it work with solar…?


  8. Shane Mitchell

    Bought this model used 4 years ago from a man that used it as a primary toilet in Alaska. He moved down here to SC and did not need it any more. It has served us well in the garage. Installation was a breeze, just plug it in to a 120V outlet. Would highly recommend this toilet to anyone.


  9. Dr Susan Shapiro

    I have owned this toilet for 7- years. I love it. And so does everyone who uses it. Easy to clean, and uses no water. Very little electricity. Easy to install. Takes up no extra space. Great for the environment.


  10. kenneth osborn

    First off love the new webpage, it is awesome that your listing parts and pricing on the page. Second i bought my toilet used about three years ago and LOVE IT! It has worked as described flawlessly. For anyone thinking of buying one I highly recommend it. My advice is do your regularly scheduled cleaning and the toilet will never let you down.


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