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  1. Robert

    I am interested in your products. Would like further procures or pamphlets to review before purchasing; for transporting to temporary locations My usage would be on hunting trips in isolated locations. Have Generator to facilitate power needs. Family consists of teen age children and female hunting companions who are very “squimish” about ….. using the “OLD STUMP LEANING” methods.

    Installation Kit - 120 voltInstallation Kit – 120 volt

  2. Gardner Lepp (verified owner)

    Install was a bit tricky because if the motor not aligned exactly in the right spot, it will rub against the side, or it won’t run at all. Also, when I lined up the motor with the previous pre-drilled holes, it wouldn’t turn at all. I had to jimmy it around for awhile before I found the right alignment to allow it to turn. Also, if the the fan is not set at the proper height, it won’t run — this wasn’t mentioned at all in any install instructions. Once I got it aligned (and drilled new screws to set the motor), it works perfectly.

    Blower MotorBlower Motor

  3. Troy or Susan Sullivan

    Ordered the new liners and yes they do work better, still could use more glue but definitely better

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  4. Chris D. (verified owner)

    Heater fairly simple to replace. Thermocouple was a little tricky
    to get pulled back and out of the way. Next time will know to twist
    and pull.


  5. John

    It appears the 240 volt version is more “heavy duty”, as the commentvsays it can handle 6 people full time.

    How are it’s power usage different on a per usage basis?

    Eg: if one cycle is started at let run to completion will it use 1,800 watt hours like the 120V version, or more?


  6. Troy or Susan Sullivan

    Purchased the CF model and while we love it the bowl liners themselves are not too wonderful.. I’m not rating the liners they are a negative but unit is a 4

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  7. Gregg

    I like the toilet. However, it produces a horrible smell throughout the neighborhood when its in use. Anyone have a solution for this?


  8. Bob (verified owner)

    Product works great, shipping costs are too high.

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  9. Gary Allain

    Can the electrical receptacles for the 120 volt plugs be purchased locally or are they specifically designed to work only with the Incinolet units?

    Installation Kit - 120 voltInstallation Kit – 120 volt

  10. Eileen

    I don’t have a radio yet I want to know if this is the right incinerator toilet to buy I’ve read the reviews but how do you clean it what are the steps it doesn’t say anything in the description I might not looking at the right website thank you


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