1. James Whitaker

    I am thinking of purchasing one a relative had one and never had any problems. Does it run off 110 or 220 volt? How much are the liners? I read about folding your own liners?


  2. Jerry

    how Well does it perform. Say in a party setting. Soo far I think it’s a great buy and I will buy it. But has anyone abused it and what kind of problems can I run into. Could it spoil a party?


  3. Alan

    Hi I’ve had one for 13 years Hate it stinks bad outside stink horrible I mean nasty bad


  4. Gerald

    I’m considering installing a battery unit that provides 7kW peak / 5kW continuous power. If I engage the battery during a power outage, how much of this power would be consumed by Incinolet?


  5. Bill Wood

    Is there any chance of electrical shock, with new or old installations? How far from sinks and showers must they be installed?



    Have not purchased one yet but I soooooo want one for my RV as we will be starting out full time adventure in nov 2019. I have been reading reviews and it seems as though it takes a LOT of power to operated and do not wish to run a generator for an hour and a haft for each flush. I was looking into solar but that seems way to complicated. Are there any alternative power friendly versions? I do understand that it is an incinerator and will require power but was hoping for something more efficient for an rv…..any ideas???? PS. i needed to leave a rating in order to submit this e-mail….my rating in no way reflects on the product as I do not currently own one!!!


  7. Tamara (verified owner)

    My incinolet has saved my bum! I have a rural studio space with electricity but no running water. I have to bring in all water manually. You can imagine, this is not conducive to having a regular toilet. The incinolet has cured my toilet ailments! It is clean, quiet (yes it is), and leaves me only having to deal with ashes rather than composted excrement (gross), bagged excrement (also gross), or digging a hole. It is comfortable to sit on, better than my regular toilet at home. About the smell… I saw a few people complained about it. All I have smelled is a burning paper smell, and that is not terribly strong. I’ll trade the perfume of burning paper for the odor of composting poo any day!! I look forward to having a long and delightfully heated relationship with this toilet.


  8. Ralph Sharkey

    We have some elderly handicapped people that come to church and can’t get down the stairs to use the facilities. Would you advise using one of these in the church.We are considering building a small room in the back of the church for it.


  9. Jeff Bohman (verified owner)

    Good service. Shipping costs a little high with other e-commerce retailers offering free shipping.

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  10. Terry Olmem

    had it a month and it works great. Nice to have when it as 20 degrees outside and snowing. Easy to install and it is quite. It does burn it to nothing and it is easy to clean. One thing they should look at is as long as it has electric is to heat the seat.


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