1. Turtle (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Seat and Lid 5 stars.
    However, shipping did cost as much as the product.

    Seat & LidSeat & Lid

  2. Dave

    I was considering it as a backup head on my boat but the vent is an issue. Just not practical for a emergency backup head. It would make sense as a primary head. Running the genset for 1.5 hours is really not an issue. I need to run it for a few hours each day to recharge the batteries. Anyways, why I really want to comment is to compliment you on your patience! I noticed a lot of the same questions over and over again and your answer never changes! lol, cheers!


  3. Daneen

    Question: how long is the power cord? Considering placement at a cabin, wondering how close it needs to be to an existing outlet. Been considering this for years, have not found any competing product.


  4. Craig W Smith (verified owner)

    I actually have purchased two of these — I have two toilets that have seen a lot of service. I was not good at remembering to clean the blower wheel ( I didn’t!). As a result when the wheel fell apart, the housing suffered damage. The new ones are well designed for replacement — the screws that hold the new ones on are installed from the outside! Taking the old one out was difficult and required some disassembly and I was not looking forward to replacing it. Thankfully, the designers read my mind!

    Blower HousingBlower Housing

  5. Susan Pierce

    I wish the liners were a little taller so they could still slip under the “lip” of the toilet bowl. The top tends to start curling in when being used. Your service has always been great and very helpful. We have had our unit at our cabin for over 10 years and love it!!

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  6. Linda (verified owner)

    Fast delivery easy to use only downside is the cost for shipping.

    Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400Bowl Liners, Pre-folded, box of 400

  7. david crossley

    interested for a rv..How much electrity or lp will each toilet use?


  8. James Whitaker

    I am thinking of purchasing one a relative had one and never had any problems. Does it run off 110 or 220 volt? How much are the liners? I read about folding your own liners?


  9. Jerry

    how Well does it perform. Say in a party setting. Soo far I think it’s a great buy and I will buy it. But has anyone abused it and what kind of problems can I run into. Could it spoil a party?


  10. Gerald

    I’m considering installing a battery unit that provides 7kW peak / 5kW continuous power. If I engage the battery during a power outage, how much of this power would be consumed by Incinolet?


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